Sunday, January 22, 2017

"K-Pop" Chicken

I remember Shakira telling me last year about a new eatery in Langkawi Parade - K Chicken. K Chicken, or referred to as K-Pop Chicken by Shakira, is a Korean fried chicken place serving a fried chicken "Korean" style with limited selection of Korean dishes like kimbap, jumeokbap (just the rice ball), and kimchi (of course). It took me five months before deciding to try this place out.

The outside of K Chicken - Sweet and Spicy Korean Chicken.
So one fine Monday afternoon (used to be my rest day), I walked up to the third floor of Langkawi Parade and ordered myself a plate of six pieces of "spicy" Korean friend chicken and a plate of kimbap. The kimbap tasted alright (like how all kimbaps taste).

The chicken, on the other hand, was surprisingly very tasty. I was not expecting crispiness from glazed fried chicken, but it was slightly crispy. The spicy glaze, which was applied very generously but the right amount, is like what their tagline says - sweet and spicy. What made the sauce taste special is the small bits of fried garlic sprinkled on the top of the chicken. Very nice touch, K Chicken. You know the chicken is deep fried to perfection when you bite into it and feel the juices envelope your tongue... Mmmm. That is what you get when you eat K Chicken's star dish!

A picture from my first visit.

A picture from my nth visit. Yes, I always order the same thing... Six pieces of spicy Korean fried chicken and kimbap.
Therefore, if you want a good meal in a clean place with A/C, you should definitely give K Chicken a try. (My usual order costs RM28; RM19 for the six pieces of chicken and RM9 for the kimbap. You can check out their menu on their Tripadvisor page, though their prices have changed. Six pieces of chicken is too much for one person, so maybe you should share it with someone else. I eat for two - first tummy and second tummy.)

While writing this entry, I realised that I never visited K Chicken with Shakira. Next time when you visit, Kira!

I do not know why the Korean fried chicken in Malaysia is glazed. I understand why Korean chicken made in Hawaii is called Korean chicken (it is because the fried chicken is dipped into "Korean sauce"), but I have eaten friend chicken in Seoul and they do not serve it in any sauce. It is just simple crispy and juicy chicken served with cold beer.

Forgot where I ate these yumminess in South Korea.

Although, I have come to a conclusion that I enjoy all preparations of fried chicken I have tried so far. As long as the chicken is fried properly, of course.