Thursday, June 23, 2016

Zwitterion Watermark.

On the photos I take on my camera, I usually have the JonChan watermark on them. I would like to think that my JonChan photos are some sort of "semi-pro" level.

For the "less-pro" or candid type of shots, I have created a watermark to go with the photos I choose to publish on this blog. Since the blog's name is Life is a Zwitterion, I thought of making a zwitterionic molecule as my watermark.
The 3-D model of aspartic acid, also known as aspartame, from Wikipedia. Credit link in body text. The white represents hydrogen, red oxygen, blue nitrogen, and black carbon. Around pH 2.8, the right side of the molecule is negatively charged while the nitrogen part of the molecule is positively charged.
I found a really nice 3-D model of aspartame on Wikipedia and used Inkscape (for the first time) to draw a 2-D of this zwitterionic molecule. Check out the most childish watermark you have ever seen in your life:
You will see the debut of this watermark on some of my photos I shared in my previous blog entry about Gunung Raya.
I did ask my super talented best bud, Kenneth, to help me with this. I bet it will be nicer and I may choose to use his instead of mine. Haha. (Check out what he helped me made for a project.)


Kenneth showed me his version of his 2-D rendering of the aspartic acid and wow, way more sleek than mine.

This guy got skills. Thanks, Kenneth!
I like so much that I think I will be using this watermark for my "candid" shots from my cellphone.

Kenneth's Life Is A Zwitterion watermark on a photo of a relatively small Tokay gecko (Gekko gecko) chilling outside the boardroom at work. Ain't it a beautiful lizard? I wanted to place a coin or a pen for scale but I was afraid it will bite my finger. They have sharp teeth
If you think Kenneth should start a blog to show off his creative designs, leave positive comments in the comment section. Come on, Kenneth. Embrace your creative side!


  1. Ooo, getting into Inkscape are you? Nice! Such a great program. You can use it so much, it's my go-to program for graphics-related things (that aren't specifically raster graphics).

    1. I am still having trouble with it. I am too used to the standard Photoshop way of making graphics, even though it is not meant for graphics making. Haha.

  2. Replies
    1. Right? Fool keeps denying himself of his creative destiny!