Wednesday, March 9, 2016

First Post.

This is maybe the second or third First Post on this blog. I have been lazy the past year and decided for a fresh start, well almost a fresh start. I am dedicated in investing my time and effort to make this blog thing work for a long period of time, instead of the usual four months. Hah.

All previous postings have been reverted back to Draft, so you will not be able to view them. I only plan to re-post some in the near future, after some editing of course.

For this edition of Life is a Zwitterion, I will include more labels as my vision for this blog is to not have a particular theme, but to write/journal about a wide variety of subjects. (I suppose this falls under the "Personal Blog" theme.) Some labels I have thought about are:

  • Daily - for my everyday bleh entries
  • Nature - basically anything I write about nature, may have some "serious" entries and some photo or video sharing
  • Food - I enjoy eating and would like to try out reviewing some food and maybe restaurants
  • Travel - some reviews and tips for when you decide to travel to the places I have been
  • Entertainment - discussions and reviews of music, movies, TV shows, games, and etc.
  • Opinion - my serious "two cents" about a particular topic
  • Faith - I am Christian and would like to share my walk with God, from blessings to personal struggles
  • Langkawi - since I am currently working in Pulau Langkawi, I think it is apt for me to write a little bit about this mystical island, maybe even the other 103 surrounding islands
  • Or a combination of multiple labels on relevant entries
So yes, I think this will be enjoyable experience for me. It will definitely make my rest days more productive. Wish me the best, guys!

Similar to the previous First Post post on this blog, I will share a cover of Aphex Twin's Flim, my favourite track out of the entire discography of Richard David James:

(Since the previous First Post post, I have indeed listened to almost all of Aphex Twin's music. The majority of tracks is a little bit too weird, with all of those ambiance and repetitive trance tracks, for my liking, but Flim and Girl/Boy song are my favourite.)


  1. Wow, nice to see you starting this up again! I like labels (as you can probably tell by looking at my blog…). They definitely help you find stuff when you're looking it up at a later date.

    1. Mr. Daniel Berke! It has been a long time, my friend!

      It is going to take more motivation to keep the entries coming in. I will try my best!

      And yes, I like using the Labels function. It does make a personal blog more organised.

      Anyway, how are you doing, sir?